CC Program Tracks



Our HTML/CSS track is designed to teach the fundamentals of web design. It is framework agnostic and focuses on the fundamental aspects of HTML and CSS. This track doesn't focus on Javascript. Throughout this course you'll learn the fundamental skills of HTML and CSS, the common building blocks at the root of all web design.


The C# track take you through a deep dive of the .NET ecosystem and the C# lanaguage specifically. You'll learn about .NET Core, how to build desktop and console applications that take advantage of the latest language features of C# 9.


The Ruby track introduces the wonderful, passionate world of ruby. We'll cover the latest Ruby language as well as the common tools such as rbenv and ruby gems. You'll learn how to build interactive console applications. This track does not touch on the Ruby on Rails framework.


The Elixir track tours the Erlang ecosystem and focuses on the Elixir language. You'll learn how to build powerful, fault-tolerant and fully distributive applications. This course does not touch on the Phoenix Framework.